JazzFest History

Evelyn Wright

Awarded: 2008
Born: Cleveland, Ohio

"I love all styles. But my love has always gone back to jazz. Like the Sarahs and the Ellas."

- Evelyn Wright

Vocalist Evelyn Wright has been a professional singer for more than three decades with experience in jazz, R&B and pop. A native of Cleveland and graduate of John F. Kennedy high school, she was voted Best Female Vocalist in 1985 in conjunction with WCPN. She won the 1993 award for Most Promising Female Artist and Favorite Female R&B singer from Midwest Urban Music. Wright is renowned for her expertise and warmth. Her recordings include a live performance with the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra at the Bop Stop. Wright has toured throughout the United States and Canada, performing in top hotels, nightclubs and concert halls. She also performed for First Lady Rosalyn Carter. Former Mayor Michael White officially recognized her for the entertainment she has given to the City of Cleveland.

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