Firefighter Physical Agility 


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Cuyahoga Community College requires that all of the Tasks must be completed in (7) minutes or less for entrance into the Fire Academy. Check with each city you are applying for to find out their established times for the physical agility. 

All of the Tasks must be completed in (7) minutes or less for entrance into the Fire Academy. Check with each city you are applying for to find out their established times for the physical agility. 

The firefighter’s physical agility test consists of the following tasks over a timed course:

TASK 1 - Stair Climb with High Rise Pack
Carry a high-rise standpipe pack (2-50 foot sections of 1 1/2-inch hose weighing 50 pounds) to the third floor of the fire tower. Deposit the hose in the designated location. After Task 2 is completed, this hose will be returned down the stairs to the starting location.

TASK 2 - Hose Hoist
From a third story window, using a hand motion hoist a 50 foot donut roll of 2 1/2 inch hose (about 50 pounds) connected by 5/8 inch rope. This task will be completed twice.

TASK 3 - Forcible Forcible Entry
Using the Keiser Force Machine, and a nine-pound hammer, drive a steel beam 5 feet.

TASK 4 - Hose Advance
Pick up the nozzle and move a 1 3/4-inch charged hose straightforward 75 feet.

TASK 5 - Victim Rescue
Drag a 175 pound dummy a distance of 100 feet.

Cuyahoga Community College will issue a certificate of completion indicating the time it takes to complete the tasks. The class participants will be responsible for taking their certificate of completion to the jurisdiction for which they are applying. The certificates will be valid for one year. Applicants must be sure that the fire departments where they are applying for a position will accept the certificate as their standard.

Prerequisites for Firefighter Agility Testing

1. Must show photo proof of identification after passing the test. An Ohio Drivers License or State Identification Card is acceptable.

2. Must read and sign a waiver of liability.

3. Must complete a college non-credit registration form and pay a $60.00 course fee prior to the test date.

4. Must be in excellent physical health. A physician’s exam is not required but is highly recommended.

The firefighter’s agility testing will be conducted outdoors. Applicants will be required to wear five-pound ankle weights to simulate the weight of firefighter turn out gear. An air tank will be worn during testing for weight only; it will not be used for breathing air. Applicants can furnish their own gloves or they will be furnished. A firefighter helmet must be worn. Helmets will be furnished. Applicants can furnish their own liner, if they prefer. A ball cap or skullcap will work. It is suggested that applicants wear physical training gear with long pants and athletic shoes with good traction.

Firefighting is physically demanding and at times extremely hazardous. Candidates are encouraged to do pretesting exercises that will assist them in completing the agility test.

Please note: Cuyahoga Community College does not assume any responsibility for any medical consequences that might arise from participating in physical agility testing.


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How to reach us

Fire Academy Office
Gwen Kovach

Marcey Virant

registration information

For Classes/Testing on or prior to June 8, 2014

For Classes/Testing after June 8, 2014

All registrations will close 4 days prior to the start of the course. Applicants will be notified of testing time when registration and payment information are received.

To Register by mail:

Complete the registration form enclosed. Make your check payable to and mail to Cuyahoga Community College, Fire Training Academy, 11000 Pleasant Valley Rd., Parma, Ohio 44130.

To Register in person:
Stop by the Fire Academy Office at the Western Campus of Cuyahoga Community College.

To Register by FAX:  
Payment must be by credit card . Our fax number is 216-987-5468

To Register by phone:
Payment must be by credit card 216-987-5429 or

Registration Deadline:
5 p.m., the Wednesday prior to the test date.

Refund Policy:
Participants will receive a 90 percent refund if they withdraw prior to the test, no refunds thereafter.

Park in the lot to the right of the Fire Drill Grounds.

Directions to Campus:
Exit I-71 at Bagley Road and go East. Exit I-77 at Pleasant Valley Road and go West. Exit The Ohio Turnpike at Exit 10 to I-71 North. The Campus is located at the corner of Pleasant Valley and York Roads, 11000 Pleasant Valley Rd., Parma, OH.

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