Machine Tools Operation 

This program provides a certificate of proficiency to students who wish to acquire skills in manual machine tools operations and programming of computer controlled machine tools for entry-level employment in the metal working industry. Individuals can earn up to 30 credits toward an associate degree in Manufacturing Industrial Engineering Technology or a Mechanical Engineering Technology degree.

High school diploma or GED; Compass Assessment for college level mathematics and reading may be required.

Program Outcomes
1. Complete tasks and projects on schedule through the effective use of time management, appropriate math skills, and teamwork that fosters inclusion, synergized efforts in problem identification, and troubleshooting for successful resolution of problems toward the achievement of set goals and objectives.

2. Apply quality systems, principles, concepts and utilize appropriate math, measurement data collection and statistical tools and technology to improve processes, product quality, and to enhance productivity.

3. Incorporate safety awareness, principles and practices in every aspect of work including machine safety, environmental safety, and personal/employee protection.

4. Apply the knowledge of material science, machining tolerances, the use of basic blueprint/schematics, hands-on skills and machine operation for the manufacturing of parts.

5. Apply the knowledge of material science, quality control concepts, blueprints/schematics reading and interpretation, and skills in machine tools operation and basic machine maintenance to accomplish the manufacture of engineering parts.


Course Number  Course Name Credit Hours
ENG 1010 College Composition I 3
MATH 1200 Intermediate Algebra 4
MET 1100 Technology Orientation* 2
MET 1200 Engineering Drawing* 2
MET 1220 AutoCAD 2D* 2
MET 1240 Machine Tools and Manufacturing Processes*  3
ENG 1020 College Composition II 3
MATH 1510 Trigonometry 3
MET 1300 Engineering Materials and Metallurgy* 3
MET 1400 CNC Programming and Operation* 3
MET 2420 Fundamentals of Engineering Economics* 2

*Available for flexible scheduling

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Michael White


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