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Workforce Webinars 

Tri-C's Workforce Training has conducted a series of free webinars designed to inform you on the programs you are interested in.  These webinars will cover topics such as:

  • What sets Tri-C's programs apart from the rest
  • What you will learn in the program
  • Employment and career opportunities
  • What is required to enter into the program
  • Other important information

You are invited to attend these 20 minute webinars to participate and learn about what the future has in store for you!

Contact: Kimberly Babich-Speck- 216-987-2942

Information Technology
Contact: Toni Paoletta-216-987-2962

Fire Academy

Contact: Ted Huffman-216-987-5063

Private Security Academy
Contact: Terry Muff- 216-987-3037

Healthcare Financial Services
Contact: Kimberly Babich-Speck- 216-987-2942

Truck Driving

Contact: Kreigh Spahr-216-987-3226

Cisco Technical Training Institute
Contact: Hamid Abdollahian- 216-987-3094

Precision Machine Technology/ Computer Numerical Control
Contact: David Bredenbeck- 216-987-3058

Welding/ Nondestructive Testing
Contact: Virgil Chichernea- 216-987-3073

Industrial Automation
Contact: Virgil Chichernea- 216-987-3073

Police Academy
Contact: Nancy Nekoranec- 216-987-3076

Building Construction Trades
Contact: Jennifer Eaton- 216-987-2859

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Please see the contact information under each webinar
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