10,000 Small Businesses Alumni

A Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Alumni is an individual small business owner who has completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program with the purpose of gaining the necessary entrepreneurial mindset, skill set and opportunity to access resources in order to grow their business revenues and create new jobs. In order to qualify as a 10,000 Small Businesses alumnus, a scholar must have fulfilled all program requirements, including those related to participation and completion of their growth plan.

Upcoming Events for 10,000 Small Businesses Cleveland Alumni:
For more information or to register for alumni events, please contact Molly Tyson, Program/Alumni Manager, 216-987-3187.

Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

To create and sustain a community of active alumni who:
    1. Interact through a menu of meaningful engagement activities supporting continued growth in revenues and creation of jobs.
    2. Contribute to the ongoing development of the 10,000 Small Businesses peer network as a value creation resource.

Guiding Principles
The National Alumni Program will be:
    Reciprocal in nature
    Peer learning  focused
    Alumni & expert driven
    Flexible to encourage localized delivery
    Scalable to accommodate all future 10,000 Small Businesses sites

Alumni Program Core Components

  • Value Added Learning Opportunities - Continued education through national and local clinic
  • Networking Opportunities - Access to resources through social events, business meetings, etc.
  • Alumni Recognition - Connections to local and national small business awards programs
  • Program Recruitment - Engagement in recruitment of and nomination of qualified business owners
  • Reputational Excellence and Visibility - Participation in national and local events; publication through social media
  • Measurement and Evaluation - Gather program data for continuous improvement of individual business growth and 10,000 Small Businesses program
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