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Are you a former Tri-C student who completed the residency requirement of 20 hours and then transferred to a four year institution without completing your Associate Degree?  If so, you may be eligible to be awarded an Associate Degree using the course work you have completed at the four year school.  

  • Indicator of persistence to complete a four year degree
  • Opportunity to be employable at a better salary and more promotable  
  • Obtain a credential you paid for and earned 

  1. If you have not attended Tri-C within the last three years you must complete a paper application.     

  2. Request a transcript from the undergraduate institution(s) you attended after leaving Cuyahoga Community College.  Request it to be sent to you.  The transcript must be Official with the institution’s stamp and in a sealed envelope. The transcript must have a print date no older than one year at the point of receipt.  Do not open the envelope or break the seal.  If the envelope is open or the seal is broken, we will not accept the transcript and you would need to obtain another.

  3. Deliver the application and the sealed envelope along with a brief letter stating your request to have your materials be evaluated for the Reverse Transfer Initiative.  You must  include the following  contact information:  name under which you attended Tri-C, present name if different, date of birth, present address, phone and/or e-mail address. You can deliver these documents to any Campus Enrollment Center.  If you are unable to deliver the materials to a Campus Enrollment Center, send the above mentioned materials to the address below.              
                                    Cuyahoga Community College
                                    Office of the Registrar-ATTN.  REVERSE TRANSFER
                                    PO Box 5966
                                    Cleveland, OH  44101
    Your transcript will be thoroughly reviewed to determine if you have fulfilled the requirements for a degree from Cuyahoga Community College. Often we find that the degree to be awarded is different than the degree you may have been seeking while at Tri-C, but you may have met requirements for another degree which can be awarded.  The most common degree awarded is the Associate of Arts degree.  

  4. If you have met the degree requirements through this review, you will be notified with the details regarding your degree. 

  5. If the review finds you have not yet met the requirements, you will be informed as to what requirements are not completed. 

We look forward to receiving your materials and anticipate your graduation from Cuyahoga Community College! 

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