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RAT-1010 - Survey of the Recording Industry

Introduction to the recording industry, intended for students who have a general interest in music, sound recordings and the entertainment industry. Topics include recording industry elements and practices; employment trends and outlook; copyrights, publishing and legal issues; impact of the personal computer and the Internet on the recording industry; how traditional and non-traditional record companies work; tools of the modern recording studio; the history of recorded sound; "critical listening" exercises identifying key elements of popular recorded music styles.

RAT-1100 - Sound Recording and Design

Introduction to theory of sound and recording process for media production. Course topics include principles of sound and hearing, audio terminology, recording equipment operation, storage mediums and recording techniques for location and studio applications. This is an introductory audio course for students interested in audio for video, television, film and digital media arts.

RAT-1160 - Making Independent Recordings

Basic guide to making and selling independent recordings. Topics include operation of record companies, recording procedures, planning, budgets, copyrights, publishing, graphics and printing, manufacturing process, promotion and sales strategies, and setting up your own small business.

RAT-1300 - Introduction to Recording

Introduction to theory of sound and the recording process. Study of audio terminology, principles of sound and hearing, basic equipment, recorder operation, analog and digital signal storage methods.

RAT-1310 - Studio Operations

Theory and practical applications of the recording studio. Topics include equipment setup and interface, small console signal flow and operating levels, patch bays, studio documentation, basic voice and commercial recording, editing and mixing techniques.

RAT-1320 - Audio Transducers

Theory, characteristics and operation of various microphone types, loudspeakers, crossovers and speaker/room monitoring considerations

RAT-1400 - Concert Promotion

Provides a basic guide to concert promotion. Topics include concert planning, organization, partnering, booking, sponsorships, contracts, unions, radio, press, television, street teams, flyers, budgets, graphics, printing, promotion and sales strategies, performance rights organizations, insurance, security, governmental regulations, and setting up your own small business. Work as a team to produce an actual concert or concert series.

RAT-1450 - Concert Tour Management

Comprehensive study of live concert tour and road management, and is intended for individuals interested in careers in live music production, recording artists, artist managers, booking agents and record company personnel. Topics include types of tours, budgets, accounting, logistics, tour coordination, interaction with other tour professionals, contracts and merchandising.

RAT-1500 - Recording Theory I

Introduction to practical techniques of multi-track recording. Session operating procedures, multiple microphone placement, track assignment, overdubbing, mixdown, and console and recorder operation included.

RAT-1510 - Recording Lab I

Practical applications of analog and digital theory and techniques covered in Recording Theory I. Student will record and mix multi-track music and audio for video projects in a professional studio environment.

RAT-1520 - Audio Signal Processing

Theory and operation of audio processing equipment. Introduction to entire range of studio effects devices including equalizers, variable gain amplifiers including compressors, limiters, gates and expanders, analog and digital delays and reverberation.

RAT-1530 - Digital Audio Theory

Theory, methods and practical applications of current digital recording systems. Topics include tape and disc-based recorders, operating system installation and maintenance, data storage methods, recording, editing and digital signal processing, and integration of digital recording equipment into modern studio environment. Student will demonstrate fundamental proficiencies in current digital recording methods and procedures.

RAT-1600 - Concert Technical Production

Concert Technical Production is a comprehensive applied study of all aspects of venue and show production. Topics include production, lighting, sound, staging, personnel, stage management, stagehand training, touring road crew protocol, venue load in/load out procedures and musical instrument technical support at live music events. Students will apply above principles in weekly labs at live music concerts.

RAT-1812 - Sound for Worship

Theory and operation of sound systems for churches, synagogues and other houses of worship. Topics include history and purpose of worship sound systems, developing an effective technical ministry team, introduction to basic audio and acoustic theory, functions of sound system components and signal flow, mixing console operation, spoken word, choir and instrument microphone techniques, multimedia audio integration, sermon recording and duplication and setup and troubleshooting theory as applied to small, mid-size and large scale traditional and contemporary worship situations.

RAT-1814 - Recording Studio Lab Band (SLAB)

The study of musical and technical skills used by instrumentalists and vocalists to create successful studio recordings. Class will record contemporary and classic Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Country and Blues songs.

RAT-1815 - Internet Music Marketing

A step-by-step guide to helping musicians understand music marketing and promotions including an overview of online and traditional marketing tools and techniques. By the end of this course participants will have a workbook and checklist to help them promote and sell their music, “get the gig” and stand apart from their competition plus develop both online and paper “press kits”.

RAT-1816 - Talent & Entertainment Booking

Provides a basic guide to talent and entertainment booking. Topics include booking, contracts, scheduling, organization, sales strategies, talent agencies, databases, partnering, governmental regulations, using Internet technology and setting up your own booking business. Students must have a working knowledge of computers and the Internet.

RAT-1820 - RAT Independent Study

Directed individual study. Study/research title and specific content arranged between instructor and student. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits of different topics.

RAT-2300 - Recording Theory II

Continuation of practical techniques of recording. Topics include intermediate recording and mixing theory, recording techniques, critical listening and intermediate ear training.

RAT-2310 - Recording Lab II

Practical applications of theory and techniques covered in Recording Theory. Student will produce, record and mix various styles of musical and audio for video projects.

RAT-2330 - Digital Audio Mixing

Advanced applications of digital audio recording, editing and mixing using current digital console and non-linear workstation environments. Topics include virtual console basics, digital signal processing, plug-ins, digital signal routing, digital automation basics, file interchange and basic project mastering techniques.

RAT-2340 - Location Recording

Fundamentals and basic techniques used in non-studio recording for news gathering, conference, public speaking, music and sound effects recording. Main emphasis will be hands-on, and students will record, edit and mix a variety of location projects.

RAT-2540 - Live Sound Reinforcement

Theory and operation of various live sound reinforcement systems. Includes acoustics, system setup, signal flow, mixing consoles, microphones, signal processing, amps, crossovers and speaker systems.

RAT-2550 - Advanced Live Sound Reinforcement

Set up and operate sound systems at live music concerts under the direction of a faculty supervisor. Topics include sound system components, assembly, operation, location recording, technical maintenance and performance. Serve as crew for a minimum of twelve shows during the semester at local venues using small and medium size sound systems.

RAT-2812 - Audio Mastering

Mastering is the last creative and technological step prior to creating audio compact discs. This course is a comprehensive applied study of the CD mastering process. Topics include theory and processes of preparing masters for various types of duplication and distribution, including CD, DVD, Internet and emerging media formats. Students will perform CD pre-preparation using analog and disc-based editing tools, including current state of the art equalizers, compressors and limiters. The course will also cover current mastering trends, genre-specific mastering considerations and archiving from analog source material.

RAT-2813 - Production Lab

The student will design and implement a supervised recording project that applies technical and behavioral skills learned in previous RAT coursework. This recording project will be evaluated based on established RAT standards. May be repeated up to 9 credits; only one credit may be applied to degree requirements.

RAT-2814 - Internet Radio Production I

Principles of modern radio broadcasting with an emphasis on basic skills needed to operate in a broadcast setting. Topics include the historical context of radio and its role in society, scripting skills for broadcast, interview and on-air voice techniques and recording and production skills needed for internet-based radio broadcasting.

RAT-2820 - Independent Advanced Study

Directed individual advanced study. Study/research title and specific content arranged between instructor and student. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits of different topics.

RAT-2990 - Recording Arts and Technology Capstone

Capstone course in Recording Arts and Technology. Student will design and implement a capstone recording project that applies the technical, oral, behavioral and written skills learned in previous RAT coursework, resulting in a cumulative evaluation of student recording skills based on established RAT standards. Includes discussion of emerging audio technologies and their impact on recording industry career opportunities.

BADM-1050 - Professional Success Strategy

Apply knowledge of the corporate environment, diversity, ethics, teamwork and professionalism to manage interpersonal challenges and maximize relationships. Facilitate a meeting, set goals, use a time management system and effective verbal and written communications.

EET-1130 - Basic Audio Electronics

Basic DC and AC circuits, amplifier theory, audio distortion, electronic test equipment operation and soldering techniques. Designed for non-EET majors.

ENG-1010 - College Composition I

Study of and practice in principles of good writing. Course reading material and writing assignments may be thematically organized.

ENG-2151 - Technical Writing

Technical communication process; roles within complex organizations, and how those roles affect communication of technical information. Emphasis on writing reports effectively to meet the needs of various readers within an organization.

MUS-1010 - Survey of European Classical Music

Introduction to elements and styles of European classical music. Composers, works, instrumentation and forms studies in their cultural and historical context. Focus on listening and understanding European classical music.

MUS-1020 - Survey of Jazz

Introduction to basic elements and techniques of jazz. Function of jazz instrumentation, forms, improvisation and other musical elements and conventions indigenous to jazz. Characteristic features of various styles and artists studied. Focus on listening to and understanding jazz.

MUS-1030 - Survey of Rock and Roll

Survey of the most influential and innovative works and artists of rock music from origins to present. Includes terminology, techniques, style, instrumentation and lyrics, with references to cultural and historical context. Course involves listening to, reading and discussing artists and recordings. Focus on listening to and understanding rock and roll music.

MUS-1040 - Survey of African-American Music

Chronological study of history of African-American music from eighteenth century through 1920s. Oral traditions and performance practices studied in cultural and historical context. Sacred, folk, popular, and classical music, and precursors of jazz discussed. Focus on listening to and understanding African-American music.

MUS-1050 - Survey of World Music

Introduction to elements and styles of music of diverse ethnic cultures. Instruments, forms, and concepts of music explored through art and folk music to develop an understanding of how basic materials of music work together. Focus on listening to and understanding music of diverse cultures.

MUS-1110 - Music Business I

Examination of multiple facets of music industry. Includes exploration of career options, recording industry, performance and promotion, music business contracts, marketing of songs, music publishing, copyrights, and retail.

MUS-1130 - MIDI Technology I

Basic audio signal flow, MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface) principles and techniques, the virtual studio concept, computer-based sequencing and notation software and the operation of modern keyboard equipment.

MUS-1230 - Critical Listening

Use of critical and analytic listening methods to evaluate frequency, sound quality, musical mix structure and to analyze common sound problems.

MUS-2140 - Studio Maintenance

Reviews basic electronics and sound principles, discusses set-up, calibration and operation of digital and analog recording and test equipment. Topics include studio layout, technical signal routing, equipment interface, grounding, maintenance and troubleshooting.

PSY-1010 - General Psychology

Scientific study of human behavior. Topics include the history of psychology, scientific methods, biological processes, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, intelligence, human development, motivation and emotion, personality, abnormal behavior, social psychology and diversity.

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