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Interim Dean May L. Wykle, Ph.D. 

Learn about Dr. Wykle in this question and answer session:

What made you want to become a nurse?
I really wanted to be a physician and work in medicine.  After high school I worked a year as a nurse’s aide.  That experience is what gave me the interest to pursue nursing.

How many years have you been a nurse? 
I graduated from a diploma school of nursing in 1956, so 57 years

What is one word that would describe you? 
Healer.  Not just for patients but students, faculty and all people within the health care system.

What is one is your favorite accomplishment that you achieved while at Case Western Reserve University?
I worked to start the first master’s program for flight nursing.  As a result, Case Western Reserve University now has the Flight Nursing Academy.

What are some of the challenges that nurses are seeing today?
One of the problems I see is the nurse having enough time to develop those interpersonal relationships to help patients meet their self-care needs.  I would like to see nurses foster and grow the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. 

What is one of the best pieces of advice that you would give to a nursing student that is just starting the program?
My advice for nursing students is for them to engage in time management.  It takes a lot of discipline for students to manage their classes, clinical obligations, study time and social activities.  Nursing students need to plan plenty of time in their schedule to study.

What drew you to step in to be the Interim Dean of Nursing at Tri-C?
I believe in the mission of Cuyahoga Community College and the idea that the institution can provide students with a quality education that serves the community.  I was willing to be able to help in any way I could to continue the mission of the nursing school.

You have shared that you have been to 32 countries and 6 continents, what drew you to travel so much?
Part of it was my position as President of Sigma Theta Tau International nursing honor society.  It allowed me the opportunities to examine nursing in different countries and from different cultural points of view.  Education for nurses is critical and I wanted to be able to contribute to advancement of nursing science globally and to promote the profession of nursing.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love crossword and Sudoku puzzles.  My other enjoyment is growing flowers.  You will find the inside and outside of my house filled with plants and flowers.  I tease my husband that he may have to clear a path to get out of the house.

What has impressed you most with Tri-C so far?
Tri-C has a high-quality nursing education program that is evident in their nursing documents.  I also am impressed with the support given to students to be successful.

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