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Urban Studies
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Urban Studies at Tri-C 
UST-1010 Introduction to Urban Studies
03 Semester Credits
Examination of background of major urban problems, with overview of U.S. urban history. Emphasis on description and analysis of roots of contemporary urban America.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): None. 

UST-1020 Urban Geography
03 Semester Credits
Geographical study of cities and their demographics. Emphasizes area aspects of urban centers. Arrangements of cities and their internal patterns, including human behavior and impact of natural resources.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): None. 

UST-1120 History of Cleveland
03 Semester Credits
Development of Cleveland from New England village to metropolitan area. Role of economic and technical change, immigration, reform, world war, demographics, labor unions, transportation and political leadership examined. Rise of suburban areas in post World War II, decline of central city and prospects for revival. Explains how each major era of the city shaped the present.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): None. 

UST-179H Honors Contract in Urban Studies
01 Semester Credit
Honors Contract complements and exceeds the requirements and objectives for an existing UST 1000-level honors course through the formulation of a contract with a faculty mentor. In conjunction with a faculty mentor, the student will formulate a contract, which upon completion will result in distinctive scholarship. In order to complete the contract, the student is required to meet on a regularly scheduled basis with the instructor offering the contract for mentor-student tutorial sessions.
Lecture 01 hour. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): Must be taken concurrently with a 1000-level course in Urban Studies, whose instructor approves the Honors Contract. 

UST-2020 Urban Cultures
03 Semester Credits
Examination of cultural diversity within urban populations. Special emphasis on interaction of groups and value systems.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): ANTH-1010 Cultural Anthropology, or SOC-1010 Introductory Sociology, or UST-1010 Introduction to Urban Studies. 

UST-2070 Urban Politics
03 Semester Credits
Study of the variety of problems, politics, and public policies related to American cities. Analysis of central cities, suburbs, and metropolitan areas. Emphasis on efforts to make cities function more efficiently, and to improve quality of life of inhabitants.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): POL-1010 American National Government, or UST-1010 Introduction to Urban Studies.

UST-2640 American Urban History
03 Semester Credits
Growth of American city from early period to megalopolitan area. Emphasis on the development of urban economy, historical functioning of political system and physical development. Includes urban/suburban and majority/minority issues.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): UST-1010 Introduction to Urban Studies; or HIST-1520 United States History Since 1877; or HIST-2160 African American History 1877-present; or departmental approval.

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