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Music Ensembles 

Tri-C Music Ensembles are as diverse as the student population and range from the avocational singer to the jazz lead trumpet player in a big band. Ensemble leaders are professional musicians that work in the industry and bring valuable first-hand experience as well as academic credentials to their ensemble members. Options exist for fully enrolled Tri-C students, high school students looking for enhanced ensemble experiences, or amateurs who simply want to make great music in an empowering setting.

Instrumental Ensembles

Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble:  Focus on the Afro-Cuban Rhythms commonly found in the Jazz tradition that incorporate ostinato rhythms found in Cuban Dance Music. 

Afro-Caribbean Ensemble:  Founded by Rob Ticherich (adjunct faculty at the Eastern campus) plays a wide range of repertoire based on the Afro-Caribbean music traditons.

Big Band:  Students explore the Big Band Classics as well as Contemporary Compositions and arrangements.

Brazilian Ensemble, Metro Campus:  Exploration of the African, European and Amerindian influences of Brazilian Folk and Contemporary Music including Samba and Bossa Nova 

Civic & Collegiate Wind Ensemble, Western Campus:
  The ensemble meets Tuesday evenings between 7:15-9:30 p.m, and gives 2 concerts per academic school year, a Fall Concert and Spring Concert. In addition, the Band performs in the Western Campus Amphitheatre, as part of the College Kaliopi Series, beginning on the first Sunday of June. They are also traditionally invited to perform a Holiday Concert at west side malls, Parmatown and Southpark.

Jazz Workshop, Metro Campus:  Students have an opportunity to learn the jazz tradition incorporating Swing, Be-Bop and Hard Bop Idioms.

Omni-bus Ensemble, Metro Campus:  Students perform original compositions and arrangements that encompass all the styles of American Music.

Progressive and Pop Rock Ensemble, Metro Campus:  Exploration of R&B, Soul, Jazz Fusion and Rock and Roll Idioms.

Tri-C Orchestra, Eastern Campus:  The orchestra is led by Allan Hinkle (adjunct faculty at the Eastern Campus) and consists of a combination of Tri-C students and the Shaker Symphony.  The ensemble plays a variety of repertoire throughout the year. 

Vocal Ensembles

Jazz and Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Metro Campus: In this elite ensemble, students perform both a cappella and accompanied vocal arrangements that embrace the jazz, gospel and R&B tradition, as well spending considerable time in the recording studio.

Cuyahoga Community College Chorale, Western Campus:  The Chorale is a 30- voice ensemble performing a variety of vocal literature. Past ensembles have toured in Italy, Montreal, and performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall and the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. Students should contact Professor Kira Seaton, 216-987-5279 for more information and audition.

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