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General Studies at Tri-C 

The Counseling Faculty teach credit courses that will help you to learn more about the college and yourself, develop study and time management skills, and explore careers. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss the benefits of taking a General Studies course. 

Course Descriptions

GEN-1000 Introduction to College
01 Semester Credit
Orients students to the College’s programs, services, and policies. Topics may include student resources, college and student expectations, academic support services, financial aid, degree programs, and student rights and responsibilities.
Lecture 01 hour. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): None. 

GEN-1010 Personal Development
02 Semester Credits
Experience-based course designed to help students examine individual resources, values, and goals. Emphasis placed on planned experiences to focus on self-direction, self-motivation, self-confidence, and empathy in a group setting.
Lecture 02 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): None. 

GEN-1022 Strategies for Success 
03 Semester Credits
Information and methods helpful for student success. Planning, time management, communication skills, relationships, memory, reading comprehension and retention, note taking and test taking techniques. Stress management and test anxiety techniques will be practiced. Diversity, college resources, and learning styles will be explored.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): Eligibility for ENG 0990-Language Fundamentals II, or departmental approval

GEN-1032 Information Literacy and Library Research
02 Semester Credits
Hands-on experience using the World Wide Web, print and electronic library resources to locate information for course related and personal needs. Emphasis is on the use of search strategies, information retrieval and management, and the application of critical thinking to library research.
Lecture 02 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): Eligibility for ENG-1010 College Composition I. 

GEN-1040 Career Exploration
02 Semester Credits
Survey of career development theory. Emphasis on nature and meaning of work, values, interests, functional skills, attitudes and needs as related to career development process. Sources of occupational information discussed. Series of self-assessment inventories utilized.
Lecture 02 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): None.

GEN-1060 Creative Parenting Skills
Course applies a developmental framework in examining theoretical approaches to the process of parenting.  Explores expectations, influences and strategies of parenting with focus on attitudes and behaviors.  Topics include facilitating the parent-child relationship from birth through adolescence, parenting techniques, adaptions of the traditional family structure, contemporary discipline techniques, and community resources.  These topics will be addressed within the context of cultural diversity.
Lecture  02 hours.  Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s):  None.

This link to the CCC Library Subject Guides will provide you with additional resources
for each of the General Studies courses.

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