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EDUC-1011 Introduction to Education
03 Semester Credits
Designed to introduce the student to the broad and complex field of public education. Emphasis on personal and professional characteristics required for successful teaching. This course also requires 18 hours of field observation in primary and/or secondary school classrooms within the term.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): Eligibility for ENG-1010 College Composition I.
OAN Approved: OED001

EDUC-1020 Educational Technology
03 Semester Credits
Identify, select, evaluate, use, and troubleshoot instructional technology, electronic media, operating and utility software to meet curricular goals. Use instructional design and integration strategies to design and produce developmentally and culturally appropriate materials that align with PRAXIS II and INTASC/Ohio standards..
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): None.
OAN Approved: OED002

EDUC-1411 Individuals with Exceptionalities
03 Semester Credits
Focus on variety of disabilities, giftedness, and talent among students in educational settings. Multidisciplinary team process, special needs and services, attitudes toward exceptional students, minorities, parenting exceptional children, and public laws and policies will be defined and discussed. One field observation is required.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): EDUC-1011 Introduction to Education.
OAN Approved: OED004

EDUC-2010 Approaches to Teaching
03 Semester Credits
General strategies and skills of instruction with emphasis on curriculum design, instructional planning, learner diversity, decision making, interpersonal communication, questioning, and classroom management.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): EDUC-1011 Introduction to Education.

EDUC-2050 Human Diversity in Education
03 Semester Credits
Relationships between variety of socio-cultural patterns of students, communities, and abilities to instruct. Development of strategies for increasing the educational potential of all students.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): EDUC-1011 Introduction to Education.

EDUC-2850 Sophomore Practicum
02 Semester Credits
Participation of students in field experience at assigned sites under college supervision to develop, implement, and evaluate practical skills in teaching.
Lecture 00 hour. Laboratory 00 hours.
Other Required Hours: Practicum: 7 hours per week.
Seminar: 1 hour per week.
Prerequisite(s): EDUC-1011 Introduction to Education; PSY-2110 Educational Psychology, or concurrent enrollment; and concurrent enrollment in EDUC-2050 Human Diversity in Education, or departmental approval.

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