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Full-Time Certificate of Proficiency Students Attending DAY Classes:

Students have Massage Therapy courses two days a week in the first semester, and on the other days they can take ENG-1010, if needed.  If they also want to graduate with the Associate of Applied Science Degree, they can enroll in General Education classes. Some students complete the General Education courses for the associate degree before entering the program so they can devote more time to their Massage Therapy studies. For the remaining semesters, students are enrolled in clinical hours which increases the number of days students are in class to 3 to 4 per week. A few courses are sometimes offered online. 

Classes typically start around 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m. Some students arrive an hour or so earlier to check e-mail and do homework in the Technology Learning Center (TLC). Students are usually finished with classes by mid- to late-afternoon, and then they head home to tend to family obligations or to work at evening jobs.

First Semester

In the first semester, Massage Therapy courses are typically offered on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students learn the basics of Massage Therapy and study human anatomy and physiology. Some of the courses also have a required lab which are held in two rooms that are also used for the Massage Therapy Student Clinic.  (More Information on the Clinic.)  One room contains fourteen electrically-operated massage tables and the other room contains 10 electrically-operated massage tables. The program is located in the East Health Careers and Technology building.

Second Semester

In the second semester students begin their clinic experience and massage patients from the general public.  Courses are still held on Monday and Wednesday and the clinical experience is usually scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Friday. 

Third Semester

The third semester is more intense because students are enrolled in capstone comprehensive courses, studying for the MBLEx exam and completing clinic hours. They will be in class for 4 days a week.

Optional Fourth Semester

Students who want to complete the Associate of Applied Science Degree and/or Advanced Therapy Certificate learn advanced massage therapy and practice the techniques in the Massage Therapy Student Clinic. 

The last two semesters focus heavily on clinical work in a professional setting. The clinic hours are held in the on-campus Massage Therapy Student Clinic. Students practice massage techniques on clients (from the general public).  Our clients pay a very low cost for general relaxation massages.  For privacy, each table is surrounded by cubicle curtains.  Licensed massage therapists are on on-site at all times to evaluate and monitor the massages.

How to reach us

Mary Segretario
Program Manager 
Eastern Campus Health Careers and Technology Building

Request a Masssage Therapy Program Application Packet of Information at 216-987-2418 or email

Do you want to receive a massage in the Student Clinic? Call 216-987-2417.  More information on the Massage Therapy Student Clinic.  

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