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Welcome to eLearning & Innovation! 

Learn more about Online Learning at Tri-C

Distance Learning offers the convenience and flexibility of over 1,000 online courses that work around your lifestyle.

Check out the eLi blog for the Office of eLearning and Innovation to find on-demand presentations on a variety of cutting-edge topics including edugaming and mLearning. 

Online courses
Online courses allows students to complete all course requirements without coming to campus. Tests may be online or in a suitable proctored environment.

For more information on your online course, click on the CRN of the course using the online course search

  • Tri-C is not currently authorized to offer online programs in the following states or protectorates: 
    • Alabama
    • Arkansas
    • Washington DC
    • Georgia
    • Maryland
    • Minnesota
    • New Hampshire
    • Texas
  • And the following protectorates:
    • American Samoa
    • Guam
    • Northern Mariana Island
    • Puerto Rico
    • US Virgin Islands
    • Wake Atolls
  • If you reside in one of these states, please contact the Office of eLearning & Innovation at 216.987.4257 or before registering.
Blended Learning courses 
Blended Learning courses blends online learning with face-to-face classroom instruction. Both classroom and online activity are required elements of a Blended Learning course.
  • Students must be comfortable with computer use. 
  • Attend scheduled classroom meetings, usually once a week.

  • Have good computer skills before taking a computer-based course.

Watch the video and find out more
about taking a 
Blended Learning Course

Cable College
Cable College allows students to participate "live" in a classroom through cable television and the Internet or watch replays at their convenience online.

Students have two enrollment options: (S) Studio section - students come to the Metropolitan campus for face-to-face live instruction or (V) Video section - students can access via the Internet.

View the course live on Tri-C's SmartTV or videostreamed over the Internet (requires high speed Internet connection), or watch recordings at a Tri-C Technology Learning Center.

  • Participate in discussion via telephone and complete assignments.
  • Tests are taken at Campus Assessment Centers. 

Independent Learning
Independent Learning courses are designed as alternatives to on-campus classroom instruction.

  • Offers maximum scheduling flexibility for students interested in independent study. 
  • Complete assignments from the text and study guide. 
  • View videos and/or listen to audio programs.
  • Tests are taken at Campus Assessment Centers.

Proctored Testing
Proctored testing may be required in some online and Blended Learning courses, particularly math courses. A "suitable proctored environment" is an environment directly monitored by an instructor, testing center administrator, or other learning provider, in a physical or virtual setting, and approved by faculty. While the proctors must be approved by the instructor, some suitable proctors may include Tri-C assessment centers, other accredited college or university testing centers, public libraries, and military education centers. If the testing center requires a fee, it is the student's responsibility to pay.




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