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SPECIAL EVENT: Global Education and Peacebuilding

Mark your calendars for October 29th and 30th

This two day event will begin at East Campus with a keynote address by David Smith on the topic of:

“Global Education and Peacebuilding: New Frontiers for the 21st Century” 

It will be held on October 29th, from 12:30-1:30 pm (room TBD)
See Event Description Below

The event will be at Western Campus, as David Smith provides a workshop for students and faculty on the topic of:

“Peace, Conflict and Careers: How Can I Become a Professional Peacebuilder?”

It will be held on October 30th, from 12:30-2:00 pm in WSS G4 A&B
See Event Description Below

Keynote: Global Education and Peacebuilding: New Frontiers for the 21st Century

In his keynote presentation, David Smith will address the current precepts of global education as it relates to community colleges. As well, he will share the connection between global education and need for peacebuilding awareness and how it can be used as a means for creating relevancy for students.

Peace, Conflict and Careers:  How Can I Become a Professional Peacebuilder?

This workshop will explore the major tenets of peacebuilding work and the ways in which students can incorporate peacebuilding into a range of careers, and where preparation for these careers can be found in community colleges. David Smith will help to facilitate a series of small group activities, followed by a large group discussion. As well, students will be given the chance to develop their own "career plan" during this session.  This workshop will also look at careers that require more advanced education.

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