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New Student Orientation 

Welcome to Cuyahoga Community College!  We are delighted that you have chosen to pursue your academic career with us.  One of the required steps in the enrollment process is New Student Orientation (NSO). We hope you’ll join us for an In-person NSO on the campus of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to attend New Student Orientation?
Yes. Orientation is required for all new students. You will not be able to register for courses until you have completed new student orientation.

What happens at New Student Orientation?

  • An individual counseling session including: career and academic planning and goal setting, placement testing information, and assistance with selecting your courses.
  • Personalized assistance with course scheduling and registration.
  • Financial responsibility.
  • A tutorial on navigating through the student portal, My Tri-C Space.
  • A campus tour so you can easily locate campus resources including: tutoring services, Career Center, Financial Aid, Campus Police, ACCESS services, mentoring, library, and the Enrollment Center.
  • Interacting and meeting other students, Tri-C faculty, staff, and Student Ambassadors.
  • Discovering ways to get involved in student life, including athletics and student organizations.
  • Learning faculty expectations of students.

How do I sign up for orientation?
Please call 1-800-954-8742, select option 4, and follow the instructions to schedule an NSO at the campus of your choice.

I am a returning or transfer student. Should I attend orientation?
Online orientation is strongly recommended for transfer and returning students. Please call 1-800-954-8742, and select option 4 to request online orientation. The online orientation will include instructions on accessing an eAdvisor, who will help you select your courses.

I am a distance learner. How do I participate in new student orientation?
Please call 1-800-954-8742, and select option 4 to request online orientation. The online orientation includes instructions on accessing an eAdvisor, who will help you select your courses.

How do I arrange for accessibility needs?
When you make your NSO reservation, let the scheduler know that you need accessibility accommodations.

What should I do to prepare for orientation?
You should complete the math and English assessment test or have placement in English and Math  (within the last year) assigned by your ACT scores prior to attending orientation.  If you are a transfer student, please submit an official transcript(s) from the other college(s)/ university (ies) you have attended and allow time for them to be evaluated before your counselor can properly advise you on your courses at Tri-C. Check to see your transferred credits in the My Tri-C space, My Info tab under “Review or print my unofficial record.”

You will be expected to pay your tuition at the time of registration. If you will pay your tuition using financial aid, please note that financial aid processing may take several weeks. Please check your my Tri-C Space portal prior to coming to orientation to ensure that you have financial aid.

How long does orientation take?
Orientation takes approximately 3.5 hours. When scheduling your Orientation, the specific start and end times for your campus will be presented to you.  You may also click here for a list of dates and times.

Do I need to stay for the entire orientation?
Participation in the entire orientation is required. Please arrange your work, childcare, transportation, or other personal schedules to accommodate the full orientation time.

Are children or guests allowed to attend orientation?
Children are not permitted to attend orientation as it may be distracting to the orientation session. However, a parent may attend with their student.  

What happens after orientation?
Returning and transfer students should register for the coursework that was recommended by the eAdvisor.

New students will register for courses at orientation. As a new student, you will be required to participate in the First Year Experience Program, which consists of the following courses:

  • Convocation is a celebration of the start of your Tri‐C journey and a formal introduction to your campus community. Learn about campus life, college expectations, and connect with campus resources, faculty and other students in your program.

  • First Year Success Seminar is designed to develop and enhance lifelong learning skills and connect you with College resources. Topics include time management, financial literacy, study skills development, career exploration and more. You will also develop your very own MAP (My Academic Plan).

  • Fast Forward is Tri‐C’s foundational learning program. Depending on your COMPASS test scores, you may be required to follow this program before proceeding to future classes. Foundational courses are in math and/or English, and they must be started in your first semester at the College.

  • Bridges are intensive courses designed to help you complete your Math or English requirements FASTER and with greater SUCCESS! Bridges may be required based on your math and English COMPASS placement scores.

Your counselor may also recommend other coursework to fit your course of study.

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