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Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program
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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q:  Who may take advantage of the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP)?

A:  Any authorized student enrolled in Ohio public schools, in grades 9, 10, 11, 12 may choose to participate under “Option A” or “Option B” (Unauthorized students include, but are not limited to, foreign students who are not part of an exchange program, out-of-state students and students coded as unauthorized through EMIS.)  Students attending a nonpublic high school are also able to participate as long as the high school has filed the proper paperwork with the State Department of Education.

Q:  What is the application deadline for prospective PSEOP students?

A:  Students who wish to participate in the PSEOP must complete an Intent to Participate form and submit it to their high school by March 30.  Failure to do so will make them ineligible to participate in the program without the authorization of the district superintendent.  The Intent to Participate form must be submitted for each year that the student wishes to participate in the PSEO program.

Q:  Can a student take night, weekend, or distance learning classes?

A:  Yes, students who meet the criteria necessary to participate are not limited to the hours of the official school day for scheduling college courses as long as they are provided by an Ohio post-secondary institution.

Q:  Can students take summer classes under Option B?

A:  No, the program is funded from state allocations to public school districts.  Such allocations are limited to the academic year and are not available during the summer.  High school students may however be eligible to take summer classes under a separate program.  Those interested should contact the PSEOP coordinator in the Enrollment Center.

Q:  May a high school student participate in any college extra-curricular activities?

A:  In general, the answer is no.  Students participating in PSEOP continue to be high school students.  While some extra-curricular college activities may relate directly to student course work (e.g. art, music or drama activities in which participation may be acceptable), most activities (e.g. varsity sports, intramurals) would probably be unsuitable. Parents and students should seek guidance from their PSEOP counselor, who can help them evaluate activities on a case-by-case basis.

Q:  Who owns the textbooks that are provided by the post –secondary institution for students participating in the Option “B” Program?

A:  The books belong to Cuyahoga Community College.

Q:  Under the PSEO Program, if a student who selects Option “B” fails to complete a class, who pays for the class?

A:  Public school districts have the option, through formal board action, to permit such costs to default to the student/parent if a participating student fails to complete a course for reasons other than those generally accepted by the district.  It will be the district’s responsibility in such cases to recover the appropriate expenditures.  Nonpublic schools may also attempt to bill their students who fail to successfully complete a course for reasons other than those generally accepted by the district.  Public and nonpublic schools may also bill the student/parent if a student earns a failing grade in a college course.


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