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Janet Boehmer 
As Janet Boehmer made her way through James Ford Rhodes High School, she really enjoyed the bookkeeping and accounting classes she took. This interest carried the West Side resident to a part-time job at a boat store keeping track of the accounts for the owner. Not only was Boehmer enjoying putting her education to work, she also was making some money.
After graduating in 1977, Boehmer enrolled at the Western campus of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®). She attended classes while working to keep the boat store afloat and she earned an associate degree in accounting in 1980.

Boehmer, who attended both day and evening classes, said she found the evening students more serious about their studies. “They were working during the day and appreciated the opportunity they had to learn a bit more than younger day students,” she said. “This suited me just fine.”

She also noticed a difference in teaching styles between high school and college. “The teachers treated you like an adult. They let you grow up and introduced you to real-world experience,” she recalled. “I learned so much and at such a deeper level. The teachers were inspiring and challenging and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed school and learning so much more.”

After graduation, Boehmer stayed in accounting and finance, working for a manufacturer and a private accounting firm before joining what is now called Arras-Keathley, an integrated marketing and advertising firm in Cleveland, eight years ago.

Along the way, Boehmer married and raised three children. She also earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Tiffin University in 2002 through its accelerated program. “Tri-C instilled in me the desire to keep on learning,” said Boehmer. “It took me a while to get back to school, but I did. Now I am the accounting department for this firm and I enjoy it greatly.”

There is a certain poetic symmetry to Boehmer’s career. She started doing accounts for a boat store. The offices of Arras-Keathley were built into a boat docked on Lake Erie – the former Hornblower’s restaurant.

She also makes a point of hiring Tri-C students as interns. “I am very impressed with what they know and how they work,” said Boehmer. “When I left Tri-C, I felt ready to take on an accounting job and I was. The same is true today. It is a great place to learn.”

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