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Mike Piero 
  Mike Piero knew when he was a Medina High School student that he wanted to teach. He enjoyed English and history the most and intended to focus on one of those subjects. With that in mind, he spent his last two years of high school on the Western campus of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®). In 2005, Piero earned both his high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree from Tri-C. 

“This was a great experience for me,” said Piero. “The classes took my learning to the next level right away. My reading and writing skills improved dramatically. The teachers and the instruction were terrific.”
Age was not much of a factor – Piero found he fit in well. “I met a nice young lady named Lisa in one of my classes,” said Piero. “We have been married five years now and have an infant daughter named Halle.”

Following his Tri-C career, Piero enrolled at the University of Akron and earned his bachelor’s in education in 2008. After a short stint teaching high school English in Baltimore, he returned to Cleveland and John Carroll University for graduate school, earning a master’s in 2011.

Piero reconnected with Tri-C and discovered the College was looking for adjunct instructors in English. Piero applied and today teaches at the Western and Westshore campuses. He enjoys being able to engage, inspire and mentor students at Tri-C in the same way his teachers engaged, inspired and mentored him not that long ago.

“I owe Tri-C quite a lot,” said Piero, whose college education was free through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program. “I received a great, quality education from remarkable professors at no cost. The culture of the College is driven by service to the community and that affects the classroom and the faculty.”

Looking back on his time at Tri-C, Piero is grateful for his student years. “Relationships with faculty and staff gave me the guidance that I needed,” he said. “I was a first-generation college student and there were lots of unknowns. I received the best advice I ever could have gotten. I broadened my education and I worked hard. My future did begin at Tri-C.”

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