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Endrit Kosta 
  North Royalton, Ohio, is not at all like Tirana, Albania, or Athens, Greece, but all three places shaped Endrit Kosta into the person he is today. Add to this formative experiences garnered at Parma’s Western Campus of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) and you can see why Kosta is confident he can succeed in the world of business. 

Born in Albania and spending his early childhood in Greece, Kosta had little difficulty learning English after his family moved to Northeast Ohio. American public schools provided a great opportunity for Kosta to learn and grow.
They were also where the desire for knowledge and the ability to make a good life began. During high school, Kosta enrolled in the work-study program in which he took classes and held a job. Participants learned life and work skills, a solid work ethic and, especially, fiscal responsibility.

Kosta had no firm plans for after graduation, but he had heard many good things about Tri-C. The accessibility and affordability were important to Kosta and when he discovered a program that would let him transfer all of his Tri-C credits to Baldwin-Wallace College, he was ready to start.

At the end of the first Tri-C term, however, Kosta was not happy. He had run into an obstacle – himself. Some of his friends were away at school and he was still at home. “I had a long talk with myself,” said Kosta. “I finally realized that I was not taking full advantage of all that Tri-C offered. I applied myself in class but was not really into the school as much as I could be.”

Soon Kosta was involved with the student newspaper and campus Programming Board and taking leadership courses to become a certified student leader. Academically he was in the Honors program and doing well; now he also was doing well with campus activities. “Do well. Feel well,” said Kosta. By that time, he was feeling great.

Kosta was featured in a Tri-C TV commercial, earned a scholarship, and in 2009 appeared in another commercial that urged voters to pass Issue 4, a county levy to fund Tri-C. He earned an Associate of Applied Business degree in 2010 and transferred to B-W.

While at B-W he had internships doing sales for the Cleveland Cavaliers and guest relations for the Cleveland Browns, and last May he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and sports management.

Now enrolled in B-W’s MBA program in entrepreneurship, Kosta has his own venture under way. Endrit Kosta, LLC, doing business as Market Me Management, helps businesses get their messages out through target marketing, including social media. He also works in client relations for a New York City company with clients such as Victoria’s Secret, Gucci and Vogue. However, the hometown of North Royalton is also on his mind.

Hoping to give back to his local community, Kosta has founded a nonprofit called the North Royalton Career Club. Through this free service, he plans to help job seekers modernize their resumes and cover letters. The club would also help local small businesses update their marketing strategies.

As for long-range plans, Kosta would like to earn his law degree from Cleveland State University, practice law and eventually teach classes at Tri-C while delving into other ventures as opportunities arise.

“Tri-C created the environment and opportunities for me to be a productive and competitive member of society,” said Kosta. “For me it is all about paying back to my local community and Cuyahoga Community College.”

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