Part-time Benefits 

Some benefits are provided to all part-time employees.  Eligibility for other part-time benefits is based upon employee classification and hours worked.  These provisions do not apply to tutors and work study/student assistants. Listed below is a general summary of the part-time benefit programs available. 

Mandatory Retirement Plans All part-time faculty employees participate in the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS). All other part-time employees participate in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System of Ohio (OPERS). 
Voluntary Retirement Plan  A voluntary 403(b) retirement savings plan is available. This allows employees to make pretax contributions to supplement their mandatory retirement plan benefits.
Wellness Program Provides employees with the resources to reach their personal wellness goals and activities to maintain their physical, mental and social health.
Reduced Tuition Provides assistance in paying instructional fees for Tri-C courses. Eligibility requirements, type of courses covered and the amount eligible for reimbursement vary by employee group.

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