Institutional Fee FAQs 

What is the Institutional Fee?

This is a new fee and it applies to all students registered for classes. It will replace the current student hangtag system.

How much is this fee?

It is a tiered fee structure per semester based on credit hours charged:

-      1-3 credit hours (no fee)

-      4-11 credit hours ($40.00)

-      12+ credit hours ($60.00)  

Fees effective Fall 2014: 

-     1-3 credit hours ($10.00)

-     4-11 credit hours ($50.00)

-     12+ credit hours ($70.00)

What are the benefits?

It’s designed to provide students with unlimited access to all Campuses, recreation facilities, Technology Learning Centers, libraries and Campus special events without having to purchase hangtags.

When does this go into effect?

This will go into effect as of Fall Semester 2012.

How will students be charged?

This is an automatic charge at time of registration.

If a class is added or dropped will the fee be adjusted accordingly?

Yes, the fee will be adjusted accordingly when courses are added or dropped based on the resulting credit hours.

Will all students be charged this fee?

The fee applies to all students and is based on credit hours charged. It is not based on a student’s status, i.e. full or part time, Distance Learning, PSEOP etc.

Do I need to register my car?

Registration is not required.

If I don’t drive to campus, do I still have to pay this?

Yes, this is a fee that covers campus security and maintenance services. It applies to all students taking four or more credit hours per semester. 

As a service to students, the College will continue to offer discounted RTA U-passes. Beginning fall, students can purchase a U-Pass for the semester for $180, this is a savings of $160 over the standard pass cost of $340. This is an increased savings for students from last fall. Also, a new monthly pass program is being offered. The cost to students is $45, which is a $40 monthly savings.

Does this change where I can park?

Students will have access to all student parking lots at all the College campuses.

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