One College MAC Support 


 One College MAC Support – A Collaborative Project

Technology teams at Tri-C and Quadstar (a provider of Apple and Windows-based technology support to educational institutions) have partnered to create a new approach to providing MAC support for our administrative staff and students.  The new alliance includes Information Technology Services (ITS), Creative Art, Technology Learning Centers (TLCs), and Quadstar.  It will provide the College with one single point of contact for information, equipment, and MAC support. 

Previously, each campus processed technology requests for their individual location only. Faculty and staff members were often faced with inconsistency and confusing  experiences in MAC applications, technology requests, equipment, and support across campuses.  Now, ITS and Quadstar will work together to service MAC computers in the academic labs on each campus.  The ITS technical support team will continue supporting administrative computers.  As a result, expected service levels will be increased dramatically.

Step-by-step processes are now in place to instruct our teams, eliminating gaps and resulting in a smoother transition of requested items to delivered products.

  • One college, one MAC support source.  A "front door" has been set up for MAC technical support and the ITS helpdesk.

  • The Academic MAC technology request process has been aligned with the Academic PC technology request process.

  • All MAC computers will have common applications across all campuses, including TLC labs.  The result: one MAC experience across all campuses. 

  • All MAC hardware at the Westlake Campus is replaced with state of the art MAC computers. Two MAC computers are provided at the Technology Learning Center at the Westlake Campus.

  • Cost Reduction:  A key server is provided to Quadstar to better manage the MAC related software across the campuses.

  • MAC software funding model:  Provide consistent funding model across campus.  ITS will be responsible for College wide software and the department will be responsible for department software.

  • A new software evaluation process will provide consistent MAC related software evaluation process campus wide.

As a recognized leader in campus wide technical support, ITS represents forward thinking in aligning business processes with business needs.  Our goal is to provide unified technical support in the most efficient manner.

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Convenient help desk support to identify technical issues and technical requests for software applications and hardware support.


(216) 987-4357 or (866) 614-5002 

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