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Sustainability at Tri-C 

Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) aspires to instill in our students, faculty, and staff a sense of stewardship towards the environment by giving them the information and support to continue sustainability efforts beyond the campus environment. 

Sustainability at Tri-C means achieving the College’s educational and community missions with a sense of responsibility for preserving the environment, promoting the economy and improving society as a whole.

Starting with spring semester 2014, registered and paid credit students at Tri-C will receive a free RTA U-Pass to encourage the use of mass transit.

Sustainability Plan & Sustainability Implementation Plan

Tri-C created a Sustainability Plan in 2010 to guide sustainability efforts with a specific focus on the six categories below, and created a Sustainability Implementation Plan in 2014 to identify key strategies to move toward the goals below.

Sustainability Plan Goals 
   Academics and Workforce Training:
  • Tri-C faculty and instructors will infuse sustainability literacy throughout the curriculum. Tri-C students will recognize and understand the basic concepts of sustainability and effectively communicate those concepts to others in the community. Learn More
   Recycling and Waste Reduction:
  • Increase Tri-C's waste diversion recycling rate to 50% by 2025. Learn More
   Energy, Climate, and Transportation:
  • To strive for carbon neutrality at Tri-C by increasing energy efficiency, exploring renewable energy options and reducing the College's transportation footprint. Learn More
   Green Buildings and Grounds:
  • Reduce the environmental impacts of Tri-C's buildings by following the USGBC LEED standards and other best sustainable design and construction practices; creating healthy spaces and programs; and improving stormwater management. Learn More

Apply sustainability to procurement by

1. Adopting clear and transparent criteria so that full life cycle impacts will be considered in purchasing and contracting decisions.

2. Reducing consumption of good and reducing the impact of chemical usage.

3. Providing training and necessary tools and resources to procurement staff. Learn More
   Communications and Community:
  • Increase awareness of sustainability issues among campus and community members through education and outreach and empower sustainability action on campus and within the broader community. Learn More
Earth Day 2014

Tri-C celebrated Earth Day with a variety of events at each of our campuses from April 21-24, 2014. See the schedules for Metro Campus, Western Campus, Eastern Campus, and Westshore Campus to learn how students were involved with many events.

Awards and Recognition:
  • 2010 Crain's Emerald Award in the Large Non-Profit Companies category. Crain’s Emerald Awards honor outstanding Northeast Ohio companies, organizations, and leaders who have successfully implemented and benefited from strategic sustainable priorities that significantly trim costs and increase cash flow with innovations and products designed to reduce its environmental footprint.
  • 2003 and 2004 Governor's Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency













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