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Science and Math 

 Science  Math
speaker: Samuel H. LiPuma

Bioethics - Reviving Higher Brain Death: This presentation discusses the definitions of brain death, the on-going debate regarding this definition, and landmark court cases involving brain death and the removal of life-support. Audience participation in this discussion is encouraged.
speaker: Samuel H. LiPuma
Historical Women in Mathematics: A non-technical talk on the patterns found in the lives of women whom have made significant contributions to what Gauss called "the queen of the sciences." The women considered range from Hypatia, an Egyptian philosopher and astronomer who is considered to be the first well-documented woman in mathematics, to Grace Hopper, an American computer scientist and United States Navy Rear Admiral.
speaker: Michael Lanstrum
Culinology: Culinology is the blending of the culinary arts with the science of food. It combines the science and technology of food production, distribution, preservation and safety with culinary artistry elements such as taste, texture and visual appeal. Dr. Tenbergen can speak to both amateur and expert audiences on various elements of Culinology including what it is, how it is changing the food industry, and research developments in the field.
Dr. Klaus Tenbergen
Math Anxiety
speaker: Carilynn Bouie

Math Study Skills
speaker: Carilynn Bouie
Food Science: Dr. Tenbergen will discuss food science - the study of the physical, biological and chemical makeup of food. Dr. Tenbergen can speak to both amateur and expert audiences on various elements of food science.
Dr. Klaus Tenbergen
General Biology
Roman E. Boldyreff
 Natural History of Crayfish
Roman E. Boldyreff
Philosophy of Science
speaker: Samuel H. LiPuma
Understanding Biotechnology
Roman E. Boldyreff

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