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Creative Arts 

The Arts and Creative Thinking: Today's society seeks innovators, problem solvers, and those who "think outside of the box". How do we develop this ability in ourselves and in today's students? Explore the arts as an avenue not just for personal expression, but to increase our capacity for creative thought.
speaker: Amy Parks
  Music as Social Commentary: As with any art form, music necessarily reflects the world in which it is created. Some of the greatest music ever written draws its power from its insight into our society. Examine examples of such pieces and discuss their importance, from Beethoven to the present day.
speaker: Amy Parks
I Hate Opera: Join composer, director, and performer Kira Seaton as she wends her way through the history, hostility, love, hate, beauty, ugliness and sheer madness of Opera... Why would we listen? Live performing, great stories, and lots of fun!
speaker: Kira Seaton
  Music as Healing: What does Music do to "Heal the Savage Beast"? How do experiences in Music - both listening and participating - make a difference in our physical, mental and emotional well-being? Research made fun, and experiences galore, give an overall picture of this most interactive of art forms.
Kira Seaton
Creative Writing for Everyday Life: In this talk, Dr. Luke Schlueter draws upon his many years of experience with teaching creative writing, and on his own creative work, in addressing the role creative writing can have in helping persons at any level achieve a fuller, richer, more aesthetically fulfilling life through creative writing.
speaker: Dr. Luke Schlueter
  The Legacy of Music: Musician, director, and composer Kira Seaton gives a fun and interactive presentation about the legacy, psychology, and impact of popular music - wonderful past, blossoming present, and possible future. What happened to the beauty and craft of the past? What has caused today's music to be so eclectic, media-driven, and sometimes down-right crazy?! You decide - is there hope?
speaker: Kira Seaton
Documentary Photography
speaker: Daniel Levin
  Theatre production for academics or touring companies: How to save money and get the show you want.
speaker: Jeffrey Donnelly
The Ecological and Domestic Visions of American Poets Gary Snyder and Wendell Berry: This speech will introduce audiences to the works of American poets Gary Snyder and Wendell Berry through focusing upon the rich expressions of family and community in their prose and poetry. Upon request, Dr. Schlueter can focus his talk on one poet or the other.
speaker: Dr. Luke Schlueter
  Theatre history: How does theatre intertwine with world history? Why do theatre historians make note that the first thing dictators do is shut down the theatres?
speaker: Jeffrey Donnelly
Ethics of Photography
speaker: Daniel Levin
  Theatre technology: Just how much hands on experience can students of science or business gain from involvement with a production?
speaker: Jeffrey Donnelly
Graphic design and green technology in theatre: What are the new technologies? How can they change the cost of a live performance? In what ways can theatre lead in promoting these technologies?
speaker: Jeffrey Donnelly
  Using Art to Explore Ideas
speaker: Daniel Levin
Photographic Portraiture
speaker: Daniel Levin

What is Truth? How People Can Live Together Sharing Different Perspectives.
speaker: Daniel Levin
  What to Listen For in Music: Most of us enjoy music but don't know as much about it as we'd like. Have you ever wished you knew a little bit more about the music you hear? This talk will examine different musical elements, ensembles and styles, helping you to more fully enjoy your next concert.
speaker: Amy Parks

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