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Academic and Career Counseling 


Assistive Technology Involving Students with Disabilities
speaker: Mary Sender

African American Males Success Strategies: Tools for success.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

Balancing Academics and Athletics: As a former college athlete, Ms. Campbell will discuss tips for balancing academics and athletics and preparing for life after college athletics. This speech is intended for current athletes at the middle school, high school or college level.
speaker: Cicely D. Campbell

The Business of You: This presentation involves how to run the business of your life. Creating a brand image and marketing skills by creating a unique sense of self. Get leadership skills for life that translate to a career.
speaker: Kellie Emrich

Career Planning and Development
speakers: Dr. Adam J. Zambetti

Career Exploration
speaker: Dr. Michelle Nicopolis

College Success Strategies
speakers: Kellie Emrich, Dr. Michelle Nicopolis, Dr. Adam J. Zambetti

The College/University Transfer Process
speaker: Dr. Adam J. Zambetti

The Community College Value Proposition: Economic Driver, Educational Innovator, Foundation for Futures
speaker: Dr. Belinda Miles

Continuing Education and Certification: In today's economic environment, workers are training for job responsibilities that will change over time. This speech will discuss the life-long process of continuing education and certification to remain competitive. It can be customized based upon audience interest.
speaker: Victoria Berry

Defeating Self-Imposed Limitations: This is a goal setting, self-exploratory workshop.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

Dress for Success, Not Arrest
speaker: Dr. Gary Carrington

Executive Training Opportunities: Now that you have your master's degree, what exactly are you qualified to do?
Why advanced training and certifications are a necessary complement to your degree.
speaker: Victoria Berry

Information Literacy: According to the American Library Association, "Information Literacy is the set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze and use information. The beginning of the 21st century has been called the Information Age because of the explosion of information output and information sources. It has become increasingly clear that students cannot learn everything they need to know in their field of study in a few years of college. Information Literacy equips them with the critical skills necessary to become lifelong learners." This speech will discuss the importance of Information Literacy and the consequences of not having these skills.
speaker: Victoria Berry

speakers: Kellie Emrich, Dr. Charles Dull, Dr. Gary Carrington

Leadership: Webster's Dictionary defines leadership as, "the power or ability to lead other people." However, it is well known that there is a difference between having the power to lead people, and having the ability to lead them successfully toward shared goals. This speech will discuss characteristics of effective leaders and offer tips for developing and improving leadership skills to achieve results in team settings. This speech can also be customized based upon audience requests.
speaker: Victoria Berry

Learning Disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
speaker: Mary Sender

Liberal Arts: Content and Skills for Learning and Living
speaker: Dr. Belinda Miles

Math Anxiety
speaker: Carilynn Bouie

Math Study Skills
speaker: Carilynn Bouie

speaker: Dr. Gary Carrington

Note Taking: How to take notes in an academic environment.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

Test Anxiety: What it is, and how to control it.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

Test Taking Strategies: Tips for taking standardized and short answer tests.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

The Transition from High School to College: What I wish someone would have told me before I went to college.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

The Peace Corps: Speaker Jessica Nelson served in the Peace Corps for one year in Azerbaijan, a republic located on the border of Europe and Asia between Russia and Iran. This speech discusses the Peace Corps experience and factors to be considered by those considering joining the Peace Corps. The speaker is open to questions and to customizing this speech based upon audience requests.
speaker: Jessica Nelson

Study Skills
speaker: Michael Lanstrum

Success Strategies for College Students
speaker: Dr. Gary Carrington

Why Planning Matters - Life, Education and Career Planning for Youth and Adults
speaker: Dr. JaNice Marshall

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